Home Inspections and Drones

Abe the Inspector wants you to know how important Drone Inspections can be to the overall process. With today's technology and Abe's expertise and training, your inspection will be as thorough and detailed as you expect it to be.


Businesses in every industry are increasingly looking to technology to do more with less, and home inspection companies are no exception. As drones have made their way into the hands of everyday consumers, the home inspection industry has begun to embrace them for the many ways they can improve home inspection work.

From being able to assess steep and hard-to-reach roofs and providing more accurate roof inspections to improving safety, the benefits of drones and digital imagery for home inspections abound.

Manual roof inspections often result in an inability to evaluate every roof. If a roof is inaccessible because of its height or steep pitch, then more often than not, inspectors defer to a third-party drone operator for further inspection. New construction trends are resulting in taller homes with high pitched roofs, making them quite common these days, and equally challenging for Home Inspectors.

Drones give inspectors the ability to inspect any roof, anywhere. You no longer have to factor in accessibility, potential hazards, or location – or apologize to clients and refer them to a roofing contractor for further inspection. By using drones to make otherwise inaccessible roofs accessible, your inspector can provide better more comprehensive home inspections regardless of roof characteristics.

With the high cost of roof repairs, an accurate assessment of roof condition and quality is a core element of a comprehensive home inspection. Leveraging high-quality digital imagery from drones, combined with machine learning can result in more accurate roof condition inspections that can spot potential damage that traditional inspections might otherwise miss.

abe the inspector is licensed by the FAA for Drone inspections